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Educational Medical Services & Safety Inc. - CPR courses

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1 Educational Medical Services & Safety Inc. - CPR courses
4564 SW 14 St
Deerfield Beach Florida 33442 USA
Phone: 954-914-8238

Fax: 954-653-3477

Educational Medical Services & Safety Inc. is a training site for American Heart Association which provides CPR & First Aid certification classes. Owner, Jorge Rossi, also provides medical services for special events & distributes AED's

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From: Other Interesting Websites/Health
Relevance: 99.99%

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Educational Medical Services & Safety Inc. - CPR courses
2. National Marine Suppliers
National Marine Supplies yacht provisions, and yacht specialty products.
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From: Florida/Southern Florida
Relevance: 67.00%
Votes: 0 | Rating: 2
National Marine Suppliers
3. Inventory Locator Service
Inventory Locator Service provides businesses in the marine industry with an easy and convenient solution for locating the right marine parts supplier online through its global electronic B2B marketplace.
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From: Tennessee
Relevance: 48.22%
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Inventory Locator Service
4. Texas Bragg Trailers
Dump trailers, car haulers, utility trailers,flatbed trailers and equipment trailers are manufactured by texasbraggtrailers. From the little bragg to the big dual tandem, texasbraggtrailers have stood the best of time and durability.
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From: Other Interesting Websites/Business/Automotive
Relevance: 41.97%
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Texas Bragg Trailers
5. Jamestown Distributors
Boatbuilding and Woodworking Supplies, including fasteners, epoxy, hardware, paint, tools, abrasives, and more
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From: Rhode Island
Relevance: 41.04%
Votes: 3 | Rating: 10
Jamestown Distributors
6. Custom Boat Repairs
Full service repair facility located in upper New York Harbor. Serving the Tri State area. Specializing in Major Fiberglass Repairs. Mobil Service for Yachts. Also Wholesale Marine Supplies & Accessories for the boat owner.
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From: New Jersey
Relevance: 37.09%
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Custom Boat Repairs
7. CleanTools
CleanTools supplies multipurpose cleaning tools for marine vessels. Their re-usable design makes them a great asset for anyone who likes to take to the water. The mitt’s wool blend retains soapy water for longer than regular washcloths, and is less abrasive.
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From: Boats/Accessories
Relevance: 37.05%
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8. Fab-Tech Industries Inc.
Fabricators of the Silver Dolphin line of fully welded aluminum boats and also fabricate and design processing equipment for the fish, aquaculture and agriculture industry. Includes company profile, boat photos and specifications, and processing equipment summary.
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From: Boats/Aluminum
Relevance: 33.67%
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Fab-Tech Industries Inc.
9. Svendsen's Boat Works
Svendsen's Boat Works is a full-service marine products and repair facility, which provides high quality repair for sailboats and power boats. Through our on-site store and distribution company, we also stock and sell over 40,000 marine products. Located in Alameda, California.
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From: California
Relevance: 32.55%
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Svendsen's Boat Works
10. Carolina Boatyard
Boat storage & services, and discount supplies in the Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina area.
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From: South Carolina
Relevance: 31.63%
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Carolina Boatyard
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