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Listings of sites relating to the complete fabrication and manufacture of boats basically made of any type of plastic.
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1. Flight Marine Limited
Builder of the Chichester Scow Dinghy and Chichester Harbour 18. Constructed of GRP. Located in Chidham, Chichester, West Sussex.
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Flight Marine Limited

2. Pesbo, S.A.
Designers and manufacturers of lifeboats, tender boats, rescue boats, workboats, commercial fishing boats and custom made boats in GRP.
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Pesbo, S.A.

3. Porta-Bote
A plastic polyproylene boat that folds to 4 inches flat. Ideal anyone who lacks the space to store or transport ordinary boats.
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4. Swallowtail Boatyard
Boat builders using GRP construction. Also, boat restoration and boats for hire in Ludham in Norfolk, UK.
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Swallowtail Boatyard

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