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Listings of sites relating to the complete fabrication and manufacture of recreational or racing rowing shells, sculls, and hulls.
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1. Alden Rowing Shells
Manufacturer of fiberglass recreational rowing and open-water shells. Sponsor of Alden Ocean Shell Organization. Located in Eliot, Maine.
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Alden Rowing Shells

2. Hudson Boat Works Rowing Equipment
Manufacturer of world and olympic championship carbon ribless racing shells.
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Hudson Boat Works Rowing Equipment

3. Johnston Racing
Australian manufacturer of International Standard rowing shells and offers a complete composite, fiberglass and timber repair service.
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Johnston Racing

4. Maas Boat Company
The leader in open water rowing shells for racing, training, and recreational use. Our boats are fast, light, responsive, and durable. Row anywhere!
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Maas Boat Company

5. Martinoli snc
Specialize in the production of fittings for rowing and regatta boats. Includes specifications of accessories and fittings and order form. Located in Italy.
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Martinoli snc

6. Resolute Racing Shells
Manufacturer of one-piece all-carbon racing shells for singles and eights. Located in Bristol, RI.
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Resolute Racing Shells

7. Rowable Classics
Dedicated to the art and mystique of wooden rowing shells and is a not-for-profit collaboration among people committed to preserving, restoring, building, owning, rowing or displaying wooden racing shells, oars and accessories. Includes inquiry form to determine which craft fits your needs and a photo gallery.
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Rowable Classics

8. Sykes Racing
Manufactures racing rowing shells. Includes company news, history, and a summary of the manufacturing process. Located in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
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Sykes Racing

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