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Professional boat and yacht refinishers in Maine.

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1. Bucks Harbor Marine
Full service marina located in a fully protected harbor midway between Bar Harbor and Camden Maine at the head of the Eggemogin Reacha with marine store and mechanical repairs.
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Bucks Harbor Marine

2. Mobile Marine Canvas Co
Complete on site marine canvas & stainless fabrication service From South Portland to Camden, Maine. Includes product care instructions and local links.
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Mobile Marine Canvas Co

3. New England Fiberglass Co.
New England Fiberglass provides the finest in fiberglass boat and yacht repair. We do both structural and cosmetic repairs. We also make repairs to gelcoat and Alwgrip in addition to complete spray jobs.
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New England Fiberglass Co.

4. Pemaquid Marine
Pemaquid Marine is a full-service boat yard located in mid-coast Maine. We are ABYC certified for boat building and restoration work on fiberglass and wood boats of all sizes. Our signature boat is the Banks Cove 22 Runabout, which comes in three models; Center Console, Lobster Style and Downeast Style.
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Pemaquid Marine

5. Portland Yacht Services, Inc.
Portland Yacht Services is a full service Boatyard and Marina, providing customers with a full spectrum of services for outfitting and maintaining a motor or sailing vessel. Our dedicated staff handles all types of storage, maintenance, refits, and restorations on any type of boat or yacht.
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Portland Yacht Services, Inc.

6. Rockport Marine, Inc.
Boatyard specializing in wooden boat construction, restoration, maintenance and repair. Located in Rockport.
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Rockport Marine, Inc.

7. Seal Cove Boatyard
Seal Cove Boatyard provides extensive marine and watercraft experience in the areas of boat building, repair, storage, and maintenance.
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Seal Cove Boatyard

8. SeaSources
The first with online study for the Maritime Industry. Multiple choice quizzes with illustrations for home study and United States Coast Guard license exam preparation assistance on deck and engineering subjects. Use our online study feature or purchase programs to download & install.
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9. Strouts Point Wharf Company
Strouts Point offers a complete array of marine services for boats of all sizes. Although we specialize in wooden boat repair, maintenance, and alteration, we can do almost any service job. Located on the Harraseeket River in South Freeport, Maine, Strouts has everything you need for a stay of a night or a year.
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Strouts Point Wharf Company

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