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Professional boat and yacht refinishers in the United Kingdom.

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1. Bowness Bay Marina
Bowness Bay Marina operate a fleet of self-drive Lake Windermere boat hire vessels. Boat hire on Lake Windermere from Bowness Bay.
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Bowness Bay Marina

2. Coppercoat
Copper based anti foul product with 10 year lifespan.
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Votes: 1 | Hits: 380 | Rating: 10

3. Gardner Marine Diesels
Gardner Marine Diesels are the home of the Gardner engine, providing sales, support and servicing worldwide.
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Votes: 0 | Hits: 174 | Rating: 10
Gardner Marine Diesels

4. Gelplane International
Manufacturer of the professional gelcoat peeler for osmosis and blister treatment and ProScraper for dust free paint scraping. Strips and peels gel coat. Suppliers of Pela pumps, vacuum pump and Bosco boat hooks.
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Gelplane International

5. Goodacre Yacht Services
Specialists for yacht repair, refit, customization, painting and osmosis treatment. Situated at Port Solent, Hampshire and providing service throughout the UK and world-wide.
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Goodacre Yacht Services

6. H. Attrill and Sons Boatbuilders
H. Attrill and Sons are a traditional boatyard with a long history of excellent workmanship and service based at Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight, England.
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H. Attrill and Sons Boatbuilders

7. Hamble Sailing Services
Suppliers to both yachts and power boats, we custom make any soft furnishing for both above and below deck.
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Hamble Sailing Services

8. Hot Vac Hull Cure
The innovative patented new process and solution for osmosis problems and treatment in all boats and yachts. World wide directory of yards offering process. Directory of distributors also from Wales in the UK.
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Hot Vac Hull Cure

9. Kuranda Marine
UK heating and power specialists. Diesel heating and suppliers of Cruz Pro, Side Power, Kabola, Sigmar, Victron, and Kalori product ranges.
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Kuranda Marine

10. MSO Marine
Boatyard in Brentford, Middlesex, UK that repairs, designs and builds boats, pontoons and other riverside projects.
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MSO Marine

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